Hi! My name is Connor Dowson and I'm a web developer based in Cheltenham.
Why not have a look at some of my work or send me a message?


portfolio - this website!

This portfolio website was created using Gatsby to showcase my skills and any projects I have completed. To display what I've been listening to recently the fetch API is used to call a PHP file hosted on the web server.

algorhythm - dissertation

For my dissertation I created a site using Django which recommended new music to users based on their current listening habits. The Spotify API was used to discover which songs users had listened to the most over 3 different time ranges. I received a first for this project 😊.

CALCIO! - football blog

A football blog created using Ghost CMS. All design work such as the logos and branding was completed by myself. The themes for the pages were created using Handlebars templating engine, alongside Sass.

Bar billiards scoring app

A web app created to handle scoring of the confusing pub game bar billiards. This was created by myself and my friend Fin during pair programming sessions, so scoring games wouldn't be so hard when we were at the pub.

About Me

Hi I'm Connor and I'm a graduate web developer looking for work in the Cheltenham area. I'm interested in front-end development. When I'm not making websites I enjoy watching Liverpool and Exeter Chiefs, or listening to music. Check out what I've been listening to below!

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